iSeal™ Model 60PS

Pivot Style Heavy Duty Sealers and Trim Sealers

Pneumatically Powered, Semi-Automatic Operation with Safety Close Features

These pneumatically powered Thermal Impulse Sealers and Trim Sealers are designed to heavy duty sealing applications such as joining high temperature materials and making long heat seals. Some of the high temperature films which can be heat sealed are: Aclar, Nylon, Tedlar, PTFE and Urethane Films. Unusually thick and multiple layers of polyethylene film are also sealed on a production basis with these machines. The welded structural steel tubular frame provides the stability necessary to make seals up to 96” long and widths up to 1/2”.

These Thermal Impulse Sealers are generally used in manually fed packaging or fabricating applications and can also be employed as the sealing stations in more automatic machinery.

Films are fed from the front or back of the heat sealer and can be passed between the sealing jaws for an uninterrupted flow. Time Control System is standard with this series of heat sealers. The Temperature Control System is available for sealing heavier gauge or high temperature materials where precise temperature control is required. These Thermal Impulse Sealers are available with any of the following special features for improved performance.

Additional Features Available:

Water Cooling ("WC"): to make fast consistent quality heat seals.

Wider or Narrower Heater Elements: For special applications.

Variable Current Control (VAR): a Rheostat in series with the heater element allows for changes in the heat intensity and temperature rate of rise.

Available in: 24, 36, 48, 60, 72, 84 and 96 inch seal lengths.

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