iSeal™ Model 8H/HTV

Manually Powered Tube Sealers

• Adjustable Heat Sealing Cycle
• Suitable for Different Size Tubes
• Sealing Jaw Lengths up to 14" Inches
• Models for Thick and Thin Wall Tubes
• Seals Two to Four Rack Loads per Minute

IntelliSeal™ offers hand operated machines designed for laboratory use, sample making and pilot runs. We can seal thick or thin wall polyethylene or other thermoplastic collapsible tubes. When closing thin wall tubes (up to 15 mils in thickness), the standard heater jaw and resilient rubber pressure jaw construction is used. For closing heavy wall tubes (over 15 mils in thickness), two heater bars, top and bottom are necessary. In these cases a fixed quantity of tubes with a matching mask to protect the uncovered portions of the heater bar during each cycle is needed. The heater jaws are drilled through for water cooling to control residual heat and shorten the sealing cycle.

When using this machine the operator, after inserting a full rack of filled tubes between the sealing jaws, manually closes and locks the sealing jaws starting the automatic heat sealing cycle. A light signals the end of the cycle when the jaws may be opened.

The hand operated machines are available in three jaw lenths: 4 inches, 8 inches, and 14 inches. To select the machine of correct length for your needs, allow approximately 1/4 inch between flattened tubes along the sealing jaws.

Production speeds are a function of the type of tube sealed and the skill of the operator. Two to four rack loads of tubes can usually be sealed per minute.

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