IntelliSeal™ is now the exclusive provider of the Vertrod WATLOW meters. We will continue to provide quality parts and services for Vertrod & Technaseal Thermal Impulse Heat Sealing machinery.


IntelliSeal™ Opens It's Doors

We are very pleased to announce the opening of IntelliSeal™, a company established with quality and quick service in mind to furnish your Thermal Impulse Heat Sealing needs.

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Bill Giannuzzi and I am sure I have spoken with many of you over the years regarding your heat sealing requirements. I worked for Vertrod, a leading manufacturer of Thermal Impulse Heat Sealing machinery for 38 years; during that time I was their chief engineer in charge of technical support, heater elements, parts and components.

In May 1999 Vertrod closed. Technaseal, a California based company, acquired the assets and employees of Vertrod, and took over the manufacturing of Vertrod machinery and parts. I worked for them in the same capacity as I did for Vertrod. In January 2001 Technaseal closed their New York office. As I found it undesirable to relocate away from my grandchildren, I decided it was time to venture out on my own.

IntelliSeal™ was formed with the intent to furnish heater elements, parts and components for Vertrod & Technaseal Thermal Impulse Heat Sealing machinery. Parts that are available are standard, circular and custom shaped heater elements, trim sealing "HLR" heater elements and molded cast silicone rubber pressure bars used for code sealing applications. I will also offer technical support, repairs and maintenance service.

If you need to change the shape or size of your sealing configuration we will be able to design and furnish components to meet your sealing requirements.

IntelliSeal™ hopes to be able to fill your heat sealing needs and solve your heat sealing problems.We look forward to working with you.

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For more information regarding our services please call
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