Automatic Drop Sealers And Trim Sealers

Pneumatically Powered, Gravity Fed

The drop sealer is a labor saving machine which allows a single operator to perform both the bag filling and sealing operations. Filled bags are fed from either a conveyor or a bag loader to an inclined table, where they quickly slide to a preset stop, touch a sensing device and start the automatic sealing cycle. Pneumatic controls eject the sealed bag when the sealing cycle ends. The Trim Sealer models are equipped with a scrap blow off device and scrap deflector.

No tools are required to accommodate different bag sizes. Simple thumbscrews permit rapid adjustment of slide guides and product stops. The slide table can be titled to any angle from horizontal to almost vertical to compensate for the weight of the filled bag. A wide range of products, from a small bag of birthday cards to large bulky blankets, may be packaged at various speeds depending on the type and thickness of the bag and the skill of the operator.

The standard machine serves the majority of automatic bag closing applications. An adjustable bag “spanker” attachment can be added to the upper frame of this machine to expel air from the bag for flat thin products as handkerchiefs, briefs and shirts.

The heavy duty machine is used in applications requiring longer than usual seals or larger jaw openings for bulky products. These machines are also suitable for fluffy thick products which must be “Power spanked” to eliminate unnecessary air in the package.

iSeal™ Model 14P/SL

The pneumatically powered “spanker” attachment compresses such bulky packages as blankets, comforters, drapes and rugs reducing them in size to save on shipping space.

Intelliseal's Drop Sealer can seal most thermoplastic films by simply adjusting the Heat and Dwell timers to the correct impulse heat sealing cycle. For continuous production a cooling flow of water through the drilled jaw is required.

Production rates up to 20 cycles per minute can be achieved on thin low temperature film with the standard machine.

Available in 14 and 20 inch long seal and trim seal lengths.

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