Premium Grade: PTFE Cloth. Super smooth & slick. Features a higher level of PTFE Coating. High level of surface consistency with a low coefficient of friction. Excellent release properties and the ability to tolerate higher temperatures.
Standard Thickness: 
.003, .006, .014
Other thicknesses available.

PTFE materials can be supplied pre-cut to your size, or by the roll, with or without holes.

PTFE Coated Fabrics & Pressure Sensitive Tapes

Pressure sensitive tapes are made from high performance materials such as PTFE coated fiberglass, and Polyimide. They have an adhesive coating of acrylic or silicone on one side. Available in widths from 1/8". Standard Thickness 3mil, 6mil, and 14mil. PTFE tape is available in 18yd and 36yd rolls or cut to your specific size.

Premium Grade PTFE Tape:

This grade combines strength and durabilty.  It has a rich coating of PTFE to ensure excellent release characteristics and long life.

Polyimide: Available in film & pressure sensitive tape with adhesive on one side. Superior dielectric strength.  Tear and abrasion resistant.

Available in many different thicknesses and widths.

Zone Tape:  PTFE coated fiberglass tape with a non-adhesive "free" zone which allows expansion of the heater element with two adhesive strips on outer edges.

Standard and custom sizes available.

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