Vertically Mounted Heavy Duty All Steel Sealers And Trim Sealers

Pneumatically Powered, Switch Actuated with Safety Close Features

Intelliseal's vertically mounted sealers and trim sealers are designed to seal bags containing loose or liquid products that can spill. These bags can be unsupported thermoplastic films like polyethylene or composition materials such as paperplastic. The bags can be freestanding or liners in corrugated boxes or drums.

The heat sealers and trim sealers are constructed of welded steel tubing and are designed for heavy duty use; to join thick materials or make extra long seals. The horizontal movement of the sealing jaws allows them to overhang the work area. The sealing jaw assembly is mounted on a floor standing frame and can be located at different distances from the floor to accommodate different bag heights. The bag is moved under the sealing jaws by hand or conveyor. Standing at the machine, the operator pulls the open end of the bag between the sealing jaws, then strikes a foot switch or hits two palm buttons to close the jaws, starting the sealing cycle. After the jaws have closed, the operator is free to perform other useful tasks.

Production speeds vary according to the type and thickness of the film used and the operator's skill. Speeds of up to 12 cycles per minute are attainable when sealing 3 mil polyethylene bags. Higher speeds can be achieved by water cooling the heater jaw.

iSeal™ Model 30PVS

The vertically mounted, all steel sealers and trim sealers can be built, on special order, for various hazardous location packaging situations such as National Electric Code Group E, F. G, Class II, Division 1 and 2 requirements as well as corrosive conditions requiring NEMA 4 and stainless steel construction. Consult our Sales Department for details on how we can design this style machine for your specific requirements.

  • Heavy Duty All Steel Construction
  • Horizontal Jaw Movement
  • Sealing Jaws Adjustable to Work Height
  • Seals Up To 54” Long
  • Seals Polyethylene Bags Up To 10 Mils Thick
  • Seals Combination Paper/Plastic Materials
  • Available in 14, 20, 30, 42 and 54 inch seal lengths.

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