Platen Press Sealers And Trim Sealers

Semi-Automatic, Pneumatically Powered, Manually Fed

These pneumatically powered platen press sealers make contour shaped seals and trim seals. Each machine is custom designed to meet the heat sealing and handling requirements of the special packaging or fabricating application.

Contour shaped seals can be either open or closed geometric patterns, such as rectangles, "U" and "L" shapes, or irregular curves and circles up to 6 inches in diameter standard. Larger sizes available. Most thermoplastic films, foams and laminates can be contour sealed with the same quality air-tight, water-tight weld as can be made with the flat ribbon straight line sealers.

The platen press is generally used for single element or small sealing patterns.

Simple heater dies containing a single straight line or contour shaped heater dies containing parallel straight line or contour shaped multiple heater elements can be furnished.

Production speeds depend on the material being heat sealed and its thickness, as well as, the skill of the operator.


iSeal™ Model 2PF-WC

Time Control: This time oriented system is standard on all iSeal™ Heat Sealers. Heat and Dwell times are set quickly and easily by adjusting two dials. This feature permits selection of the proper impulse duration and jaw closed time for a wide range of films of different composition and thickness. All controls are built into the chassis.

Additional Feature Available:

Temperature Control: This is recommended when sealing heavy gauge materials on a production basis, or very high temperature materials in the 400ºF and higher range. This system uses a special high response temperature probe located in a second set of simulated sealing jaws to sense the temperature of the heater element. The heat starts when the preset maximum temperature selected is reached. The sealing jaws remain closed, cooling the seal under pressure, until the temperature drops to the preset minimum temperature at which point they open automatically.

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