We invite you to make use of our experience: send us samples of your thermoplastic materials to test in our laboratory. We will investigate its sealing and handling properties and offer recommendations for production techniques and equipment. Frequently, proper organization of the sealing stations is as important as choosing the correct machine.

Before we recommend either our standard Thermal Impulse Heat Sealers, modified machines or custom designed units, we thoroughly analyze your packaging or fabricating application. We consider many factors such as the material to be sealed and its sealing characteristics, the thickness of the film and the number of layers to be sealed. Your product, your production requirements and the material handling procedure are part of the total packaging or fabricating operation. Our long experience in this industry enables IntelliSeal™ to quickly make expert recommendations.

We support our recommendations with back up technical experitise and customer service. Why do we take the time and effort to test and properly evaluate your thermoplastic material? Why do we scrutinize and analyze your total packaging or fabricating application? It is the only way we can be sure that the equipment that we will furnish will meet all your requirements and provide smooth start up and trouble free continuous production.

The success that our customers have achieved, evidence by the high level of repeat orders we receive, is proof that the pains we take are worthwhile.

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IntelliSeal™ carries a wide variety of spare parts for all Vertrod Technaseal and IntelliSeal™ equipment.

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